A day at a spa with back rubs is a day for wellbeing and unwinding. A back rub specialist will help you accomplish your objectives for the day, with different general back rub methods and hot and icy stone treatment on the off chance that you pick. The procedure works best on the off chance that you take an interest in making the spa day go all the more easily. 
1. Present yourself. 
A back rub specialist almost dependably presents herself, or a spa staff member acquaints the advisor with you. She may even give you a brief diagram of her experience and administrations in the event that it is you're first time at the spa. Help yourself out and connect with your back rub specialist much sooner than she goes after the back rub stones. Present yourself when you stroll in, and notice the kind of back rubs you like to have. 
2. Discuss issue territories
Prior to a back rub, it is constantly useful to discuss any torments and strains you have in your muscles. Talk about with the back rub specialist whether hot stone treatment will extricate up the muscles and make them feel more great. Talk about the likelihood of blend treatment with both hot and cool back rub stones to convey the blood to the surface and flush out irritation. On the off chance that you have agonizing joints or wounds, it is likewise a smart thought to caution the back rub advisor before she starts. 
3. Set the tone for the session
A few individuals like their back rub to be all work. They need to discuss clinical impacts of back rub and the workings of the muscles. Others like to concentrate on unwinding in a calm air. Still others like an inviting vibe in the room. Choose before you go into the spa setting which sort of environment suits you best, and set the tone immediately. On the off chance that you need kind disposition, strike up a discussion. In the event that you need calm unwinding, stay as still as could reasonably be expected and don't talk much. 
4. Give input amid the back rub if there are distresses or issues. 
Your back rub advisor will let you know when to move as she places the back rub stones on diverse parts of your body. She will rub your body with basalt stones for hot stone treatment or marble stones for chilly stone treatment. As she back rubs the muscles of your body, you may feel startling delicacy in a tendon or joint. Continuously specify it to the back rub advisor with the goal that she can change her general back rub to oblige your extraordinary needs of the day. 
5. Thank the back rub specialist after the back rub and tip on the off chance that it is standard
At the point when the back rub is over, it is essential to recognize the great work of the back rub advisor. Express gratitude toward her for her administrations and advise her how the back rub has profited you. Before you even went into the back rub room, you ought to have asked the front work area staff the traditions of that spa with respect to tipping. Tipping sums fluctuate, and some back rub advisors don't care to be tipped on the off chance that they feel that their administrations ought to be named medicinal medications. By knowing early, you can make the best decision to fulfill your advisor, and end your day well at the spa with back rubs.
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